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    IT vendor discounts are incentives that the seller uses to give customers a cost advantage based on the customer’s purchase of multiple units, exceeding a certain order size threshold, or other criteria.  Find out how!

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    New IFRS Requiring Companies to Define Residuals on IT Equipment
    The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is currently being adopted by more than 12,000 companies in nearly 100 countries outside the United States. The IFRS are the less-detailed financial reporting rules developed by the London-based International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). The IFRS are now in use for domestic listed companies in over 115 countries worldwide in the European Union. Canada, the largest U.S. trading partner, is adopting IFRS in 2011, followed closely by Mexico with a 2012 adoption date. The SEC is considering measures that could lead to retiring U.S. GAAP and adopting IFRS in the United States. The effects of global reporting standards on US companies will accelerate over the next few years, regardless of how the SEC proceeds. DMC Valuations Group has over 25 years in providing fair market values and decline rate schedules for IT equipment. DMC has developed a Valuation report that fits the requirements for the new IFRS guidelines for determining “useful lives” of IT equipment. The report identifies and reports on the decline schedules of the following IT asset classifications...

    IT Vendor Discounts 3Q16
    IT vendor discounts are incentives that the seller uses to give customers a cost advantage based on the customer’s purchase of multiple units, exceeding a certain order size threshold, or other criteria. Because the largest and best discounts often require customers to sign non-disclosure agreements, buyers may find it difficult to determine whether the discount offered is typical or whether a better deal can be negotiated. The IT Vendor Discounts Report is designed, therefore, to give procurement personnel and IT managers insight and guidance regarding current discount structures on a variety of categories of equipment in the marketplace. This report will be maintained periodically as discount structures change.

    Residual Value Forecast (2Q17)
    By factoring in current marketplace values and future technology advances, the Computer Economics RVFs are an invaluable tool that can simplify the IT hardware budgeting and acquisition process.

    IBM Price List

    The IBM Computer Price List gives current pricing information on data processing machines marketed by IBM and is updated on a monthly basis.  It combines pertinent information regarding suggested list price and maintenance prices (monthly as well as annually).  The General Information section lists pertinent information such as standard configurations and functional characteristics.  Configuration Upgrades and part number cross-reference lists are in separate sections within the Price List.

      • Purchase and maintenance pricing
      • Last update date and previous price data
      • Upgrades, performance characteristics

    Fair Market Values (June 2017)
    Before you purchase used equipment, check the fair market values for hardware platforms, peripherals, and network equipment from leading IT vendors.

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